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          About Us
          About Us
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          About Us
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            Located in Zhejiang Yongkang, known as “Capital of Hardware in China” Zhejiang Yongkang KuFeng Sports Equipment Co., Ltd is a private enterprise that puts production and trade into one, enjoying an excellent geographical position, convenient transportation and developed logistics. Based on the modern management principle of “People Oriented, Customer Distinguished”, and the experience & tenet of “Surviving by Quality, Occupying Market by Credit”, our company is mainly dedicated to developing, producing and marketing the snake boards, three-wheeled scooters and other kinds of sports fitness equipments since it was founded. Our company has a group of designers with high quality who are cautious and conscientious, brave to innovate, and active in exploration and making much progress. They follow closely the development tendency of international fitness sports leisure, at the same time, they also combine it with the actual situation in the state, for which various kinds of new snake boards, scooters and three-wheeled scooters are constantly developed. Our company has established a complete management system, a quality guarantee system and a service system to strictly meet the requirements for the modern enterprise construction. We will always adhere to the principle of regarding market as our guide, respecting the individualization requirement of the clients and considering the idea of leading to fitness, entertainment and fashionable sports as our duty.
            The customers’ requirements are our eternal pursuit. Adhering to standardizing the production and totally putting the quality management system into the whole productive process, we, who are in the spirit of taking effort to innovate, will continue to create a healthy and fashionable life together with you.


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